If you’re starting to think about next year’s goals, don’t forget to include your SEO goals for 2021. Here are 12 goals to set for the next year.

Keep up with new technology and SEO.  

SEO constantly adjusts to consumer behavior and adapts to new technology. Plan to read a few articles each month on insights into SEO.

Use long-tail SEO keywords.  

Look for ways to use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy to drive results.

Keep up with new algorithms.  

Understand how Google’s algorithm provides new opportunities for your business to provide content.

Gain an understanding on how voice search impacts your SEO strategy.  

People are using voice search more than ever. Is your SEO keeping up?

Pursue featured snippets.  

Google is adding to search to help users find information. Your business can use this added search real estate to grow your SEO efforts.

Reduce your page load speed.  

Search engine algorithms don’t rely on just keywords and content. The speed at which a page loads is another element of ranking in search.

Pay attention to links.  

Backlinks are important to SEO. You should watch your links and make sure you’re working on getting backlinks.

Make sure your SEO is converting.  

Monitor your SEO against your conversion rates to make sure your marketing dollars are working.

Focus on branding.  

Maintain your brand across your webpages and social media.

Get organized.  

Keeping your website organized makes it easy for your audience to find information and search engines to index you for search.

Remember to create content for customers.  

Although content is important to search, create content with your audience in mind.

Tell your story.  

Sometimes, when creating content, you forget to tell your story and to reach your customer. Yes, ranking is important, but making sure your content engages with your customer is more important.