Running Pay Per Click campaigns can be challenging, whether you’re new to the PPC world or have been at it awhile.

True, becoming familiar with the process can speed things up a little, but there are still certain procedures that should be followed. Many experts will tell you that focusing only on PPC is only the beginning: a smart campaign encourages people to click but then presents great content to help users feel like their click was justified and want to keep coming back. Easy, right?

In order to do PPC properly it helps to make yourself a list of tasks to do daily and tasks to do less often.

The daily ones aren’t mandatory, but they should be encouraged as a best practice to help you stay focused on the ins and outs of the campaign. Plus, regular maintenance can help you spot positive or negative trends, and be able to make fixes as needed, rather than waiting until things end and being disappointed in results.

Try some of these PPC strategies to maintain daily:

• Review your lists of negative keywords. These can help you filter out results from people who aren’t necessarily looking for what you have to offer but may be looking for some of your keywords. This can save your budget from getting dinged with unwanted/irrelevant clicks and also make it easier for your target audience to reach you. 

• Review your budget. You may want to spend more money or less money on certain days of the week based on activity on those. You also might want to change your delivery method, whether you want accelerated or standard, or different devices. 

• Review your Key Performance Indicators. Daily check-ins can show click counts, click-through rates, conversion rate and costs per click. This is great to show progress. But they can also show if something isn’t working like it’s supposed to and why it might be happening. For instance, a sudden spike in clicks might be tied into other publicity or it could have other causes.  

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