Twitter is a fast-paced, dynamic, relevant platform for video content. In fact, statistics show that Twitter users are far more likely to retweet video content rather than images or text. However, to win audiences on Twitter, it is imperative that your brand feature quality video presentations. Here are some tips to help make your videos appeal to Twitter users.

Emphasize Characterization That Is Relatable

People are going to more avidly tune into your brand’s videos if they can relate to the characters that they see. For this reason, it is important for you to be aware of the demographics of your target audience, including, age, gender, race, and other characteristics. When you know these things, you can place characters in your videos with whom consumers can identify.

Use Close-Ups

Because your Twitter videos are going to be mainly viewed on small screens, you need to emphasize close-ups shots of their important features. This includes the faces of the characters, images of whatever you are advertising, and any important text accompanying the visuals.

Express Your Message in Visuals

Many Twitter followers do not take the trouble to unmute advertisements. This makes it crucial to express your entire brand message visually and to make sound redundant. If necessary, use closed captioning instead.

Add Value to Your Presentation

To stand out from other brands, offer consumers more than mere advertisements. For instance, add humorous GIFs or include brief educational presentations. Help viewers understand that you are sincerely communicating, not just marketing.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

One of Twitter’s unique characteristics is the use of hashtags in guiding users to subjects and themes. As part of your preparations for Twitter video marketing, carefully search for and select up to 10 hashtags that will appeal to your target audience.

Brands that follow these guidelines for their content can be assured of an effective Twitter video marketing campaign.