Producing content is a full-time job in some companies. It’s not only producing content but also about finding an audience and getting noticed. Don’t forget that you have to keep up with trends and current events. You don’t want to be tone-deaf by posting inappropriate content during a pandemic, for instance. Instead of producing new content all the time, repurpose old content.

Turn Your Blog Post Into a Video

Video is one of the fastest-growing content mediums online. Take your blog post and make a video out of it. Use your best-performing blogs because you know that people are interested. Make the most professional videos you can. Many people use their phones and an editing app to produce high-quality videos.

Use User-Generated Content

Get your followers involved in creating content by asking them to post pictures using your product. Choose the best and repurpose them into your content. Always ask permission and give credit.

Reuse Blog Posts on Social Media

If you’ve got a listicle article, post one of the items each day on Twitter or Facebook. You might want to add a little pizzazz so that you’re not posting the same post, you’re just reusing content.

Create a Poll

Get your followers to share their opinion by asking questions. You may learn things about your customer and get content ideas.

Collaborate With Another Organization

Google and NASA teamed up to form Google Earth. Partner with another business in your community to tap into each other’s audience. Make it a win-win for both of your companies.

Make an Infographic

Infographics are very popular methods to showcase information visually. Use a template so that you aren’t reinventing the wheel. Keep your branding, your colors, fonts, and logo on the infographic to make it yours. Plan what information goes on your infographic and keep it visual, not wordy.