In modern times, it’s virtually impossible for a business to succeed without digital marketing. If you’re unfamiliar with how digital marketing works, don’t worry: The following information will catch you up on the basics.

What Digital Marketing Is

Digital marketing, as Investopedia succinctly puts it, “is the use of the Internet to reach customers.” Digital marketers use a variety of channels to communicate with and attract potential customers, including pay-per-click (PPC) ads, emails, social media, and so on. Next, this post turns to look at specific channels and tactics in greater detail.

A Business’s Website

A business’s website is one of its chief digital marketing tools. A well-designed one will place high in search results, for instance, helping customers find the business organically. That often happens due to search engine optimization (SEO), which tailors websites to perform well on Google and other search platforms.

Marketing with Content

Content marketing can take many forms, but essentially, its goal is to attract customers by providing useful information. For example, a roofing company in Denver might make a blog post that gives potential customers tips on preparing their roofs for Colorado’s winters. That way, curious homeowners may stumble upon the roofing company and keep them in mind the next time they need a Denver-area roofer.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing spreads a company’s messages through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social channels. Social media marketing makes people aware of a company and can generate leads. It can also promote other forms of marketing; for instance, a company might link to its blog in a Facebook post to draw eyeballs to its latest piece of content marketing.

Email Marketing

A company’s marketing emails can serve a variety of functions. For example, some might alert existing customers to a new product, while others might welcome new subscribers to the email list.

PPC Campaigns

When a company places a PPC ad, it agrees to pay the publisher whenever someone clicks on that ad. These can function as a way to “pin” a company’s name to the top of search results.