Digital marketing is an umbrella term that describes all of your online tactics to raise and maintain awareness about your brand. One of the goals of digital marketing is lead generation. Lead generation is attracting the right people to your products/services. Once you lure in these new leads with digital marketing, you nurture them, building on their interest until they buy–with more digital marketing. So, digital marketing continues through your entire relationship with the prospect, from generating interest, to making a sale, to maintaining loyalty, to making additional sales. Let’s take a closer look.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Attract New Leads 

Any or all of these marketing tactics can be lead generators:

  • Blog posts keyed to different levels of interest in your product service. 
  • Web page content, such as product category and detail pages. 
  • Newsletter subscription or downloadable content, given in exchange for contact details, which you’ll use for future nurturing toward a sale. 
  • Social media posts, reaching people where they are and bringing them to your website landing page. 
  • Paid social media advertising, collecting contact info from people without bringing them to your site (yet). 
  • SEO strategy, using the best keywords in all of the above content, to attract the most relevant prospects. Localized SEO is very successful since geographic searching is popular and ensures the relevance of the lead. (They are in your area or territory.)  

Digital Marketing Continues, Advancing Your Relationship with the Leads

Once you’ve generated the leads, and collected their contact details, your digital marketing continues:

You can qualify the leads according to how interested and knowledgeable they are about your services. Next, segment your email list accordingly. Then, you’re ready to nurture each prospect toward a sale, by guiding them along the path (along the buyer’s journey or through the sales funnel). You’ll take them from their current level of interest–to the sale. 

Email marketing (another form of digital marketing) could be your next step in lead nurturing. For instance, the segmented list of people who’ve browsed your website repeatedly, consuming more detailed, specific content, are in the Consideration stage regarding your product/service. They’re nearly ready to buy. Make sure they buy from you by sending them a discount coupon via email, to win that sale.

Now that you know how digital marketing is related to lead generation, consider hiring an expert team to manage the process for you. Contact Anchor Digital Marketing Group today.