If your business is going to invest in Facebook ads, then it will be worth your while to make those ads attractive: Your potential customers are bombarded with information, meaning that if an ad isn’t eye-catching, they’ll likely scroll right past it. To make your ads more appealing—and therefore more effective—try the following tips.

Tip 1: Be Concise

Facebook ads don’t provide a lot of space for rambling text—and even if they did, it’d be a bad idea to include too many words. In fact, Facebook itself recommends writing text that is “short, clear, and concise.” If you’re having trouble doing this, ask yourself: What core message do I want my audience to take away from my ad? Then, remove anything that isn’t part of that message.

Tip 2: Show Authenticity

Authenticity goes a long way in any area of business, including advertisement design. To project authenticity, your company needs to produce ads that are consistent with its brand voice. And if you’re not sure what your company’s brand voice is, then that is a sign your business needs to develop one.

Tip 3: Know Your Audience Well

Like any form of advertising, Facebook ads work best if they’re targeted at the right people. Doing that necessitates carefully researching and considering your audience. For instance, if your target customers have no idea what your business does, then prospecting ads may be of use. Mid-funnel ads, remarketing ads, and ads for established customers can come into play for other audiences.

Tip 4: Consider What Your Audience Needs

Another important consideration is what your audience needs. For example, a car company selling a minivan will probably target parents and families, while one selling work vans will probably target tradespeople, movers, and the like. Both types of ads will be for the same general thing—vans—but they will look wildly different because they are targeting very different audiences.