As a business owner, one of the best ways to keep your brand in the minds of your customers and reach new supporters is through a comprehensive email marketing strategy. Unfortunately, creating a good email campaign isn’t as simple as you might think. Though it’s tough, it’s not impossible. Here are a few proven tips to help you create a campaign that works and increases your reach over time.

Collect as Many Contacts as You Can

Before you can launch any email campaign, you need to make sure you have enough contacts to reach out to in the first place. Start collecting email addresses as soon as you can. Encourage existing customers to sign up for your newsletters and email blasts. Ask prospective customers to share their email addresses in exchange for discounts or anytime they request additional information about your products or services. You’ll be able to use this initial list to start building your campaign. Just remember to continue collecting new email addresses throughout the year. You can never have too many people signed up.

Be Polite

The most successful campaigns do what they can to provide value to the people reading those emails. You’re able to advertise your products and specials, but that doesn’t mean you should be pushy about it. Instead, craft emails that customers will enjoy reading. Let them know about promotions you’re hosting while providing them with useful and fun information that they can use in their daily lives. You should also be careful about how often you send those emails. Sending too many too often is the best way to get customers to unsubscribe from your list.

Analyze Everything

Once you have a few emails sent out, you’ll need to analyze their performance. See how many people click on links you included in your email. Make a note of which customers used discounts or promotions you added and how many unsubscribed from your email campaign. The more you can track the performance of your emails, the easier it will be to make changes and increase the effectiveness of future emails. Over time, you’ll start to figure out what works for your company and what drives subscribers away.

Creating an email marketing campaign that works is essential if you want to expand your company’s reach without increasing your advertising budget. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on the right track from the moment you send out your first email.