With the prevalence of social media, it is easy to forget that email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for your business. It is the most direct way to connect with both your existing customers and your leads. However, a dedicated strategy is crucial to the success of your campaigns.

Companies need to segment their patrons into lists. It improves the effectiveness of your efforts if appropriately executed.

Customer Groups

Although your clients likely have things in common, they are not identical to one another. Your consumers probably have different age groups, geographic locations and more. An organization should tailor messaging to engage each group effectively. People will opt-out if they are getting communication that is not relevant to them.

New Subscribers

Automating a welcome message for your new leads is a great way to connect right away with people who have just discovered your services. Design and send a series of sequential emails to new subscribers that contain critical or valuable information you want them to know about your company. Introduce them to your best content, giving them a reason to invest in building a relationship with your company.


Ask your subscribers to choose the type of things they want to receive and how often. This process prevents clients from receiving unwanted items in their inbox. If you provide customers an opportunity to decide what they are interested in, they are more likely to stay satisfied with your communication and less likely to opt-out.


If you serve people in multiple places, use your consumer’s location to send targeted email marketing about upcoming events in their area.


Use data regarding the interests of your audience to curate content that they want.

Lead Source

Base your lists on how individuals found your operation to improve your campaign results. For example, people who sign up for your list via social media might prefer a different communication style than someone who provided their contact information physically in your business location.


Some organizations should separate lists by gender. However, it depends on the nature of your services and products. This method does not always apply. Be thoughtful regarding your clients’ needs and wants, so they are getting information that pertains to them.

Open Rate

Use information about people’s open rates to segment those who frequently read and interact with your emails from those who open them less often. Reward more engaged subscribers with unique opportunities.

Targeting your email marketing campaigns through segmentation allows you to connect with customers in a relevant and useful way. This process increases the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and builds long-lasting relationships with clients.