Print Marketing

Print Marketing Is Alive and Well

As the new wave of digital marketing sweeps in, you may have heard that print design and marketing are no longer compatible. This notion is false. While online marketing levels the playing field for companies and provides cost-effective marketing solutions, print marketing also plays an important role.

The Role of Print in Marketing

Consider the following:

  • How many times have you bought a product after receiving a compelling offer in the mail? 
  • Have you ever gravitated toward a particular booth at a festival because the sign caught your attention? 
  • What about walking into a store because of the big SALE sign? 

All of these instances occurred thanks to the power of print media. Did you know your print media may also double for digital marketing? Many companies use digital copies of their print material for social media marketing, newsletters and targeted PPC ads.

Finding the Right Partner

The right marketing company should include an experienced design team and connections to reputable printing companies. This not only ensures the good quality of the final results but also the ability to meet time constraints. This is particularly important when there is a time-specific promotion or a specific event coming up.

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