Social Media Marketing

Find Your Customers on Social Media

Social media marketing plays an integral role in helping companies with an online presence to reach their customers. Unfortunately, many companies are so focused on selling their products and services that they do little else. This often leads to a timeline full of links and ads with very little content that has true value due to information or entertainment. Customers can see right through this and often steer clear of these accounts.

Getting Social

The keyword managers need to keep in mind here is “social”. Customers don’t want to spend their time on social media being sold to, even when they’re on business networking sites, such as LinkedIn. Here are some perks of truly engaging with customers:

  • Reach customers that are compatible with your company values and overall vibe.
  • Engage people beyond selling to learn more about your customer base and build longer-lasting relationships.
  • Build an audience that may support your social media content and lend your brand credibility through sheer numbers.
  • Increase the conversion rates by selling to people who you have cultivated a strong business and social relationship with online.
  • Respond to any customer complaints or suggestions in the early stages before it spirals into a scandal or deters other potential buyers.
  • Solicit honest reviews.

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