Despite all the new attributes and online advancements prevalent in the digital marketing sphere, it turns out that Google’s own a day each “Content is King” is still as relevant today as it was at its inception. Digital advertising has really skyrocketed in recent years, and some service providers have lost sight of the importance of their on page content.

Remember – the advertisements that are associated with your page are controlled by advertisers that do not want to be associated with controversy. In fact, it has been shown time and time again that US consumers are distinctly unwilling to have their products associated with an unsavory brand (or more accurately, a brand that hosts unsavory content). The numbers are clear: 80% of service providers in America will dial down ad spending with respect to content that consumers find problematic. On the other end, 54% of service providers will increase ad spending with partners that are considered brand-safe.

Numbers Tell the Truth in Digital Advertising

Just how relevant our ads, you ask? Well, one third of American consumers use their tablets and smartphones more than any other computer device. Compare this to the 29% that claim television as their go-to source of information on world news and products. This places television behind the 31% market share of mobile devices! And all relevant metrics point to the latter growing even larger in size.

Site Quality Has a Huge Effect On Digital Advertising

The simplest way to say this is that the more professional your site appears, the better your ad performance. It’s no secret that humans gravitate towards aestheticism, because it is not only pleasing to the eye – but it strongly suggests quality products and services. The proof is in the pudding: metrics show that when advertisements were placed on a high-quality site and compared to the same ads placed on a low-quality site, a remarkable 74% of people stated that the ads on the high-quality site were actually better than the same ads on the low-quality one. This resulted in 20% greater engagement overall.

You should pay as much attention to the appearance and functionality of your site as you do to the ads, themselves. There are only benefits to be had from this approach.