A social media presence is integral to the success of most businesses nowadays, but you may wonder how much time to devote to social media marketing and how often to post. Research shows that frequent posting is important, but specific figures vary among different platforms. For instance, the ideal amount of postings on Twitter may be as many as 5 to 10 times a day, whereas 1 to 2 times a day may be enough for Instagram and Facebook, and you may only need to post on LinkedIn about 20 times a month. However, these are generalizations, and to find out how often your company needs to post, you need to focus on the particular needs and capabilities of your business.

Consider Your Circumstances

When deciding how often your business should post on social media, consider the personnel you can assign to the task and also the analytics of how your target audience responds to the posts. Remember that it is better to consistently but less frequently turn out high quality posts than to rapidly post low quality ones. Additionally, your company probably doesn’t need to have a presence on every platform. Find out where your target audience spends the most time, and focus your efforts there.

Time Your Posts

As important as the frequency of your social media posts is the timing. Find out when followers and potential customers are most likely to be on platforms and schedule your posts for those times. Use your company’s specific analytics to fine-tune your timing even better.

Share Other People’s Content

An efficient strategy for posting more frequently is to share updates from others in which your audience might be interested. Look for relevant content that affects your industry, repost it, and then offer your own unique commentary. This can include content from influencers, business blogs, and other publications. On fast platforms such as Twitter, you can also repost content multiple times.

Engage with Your Audience

Although you can use software to automate your social media posts, don’t neglect the vital task of connecting personally with your followers. Check your accounts daily for comments, and engage in one-on-one dialogs with people who reach out to you.