If you want to generate business among a generation z buying audience, the key could be online. Gen Z is often referred to as the ‘smartphone generation’, a demographic that is computer savvy and ready to spend.

Create a buzz and generate greater conversions with the following tips for marketing to Generation Z:

• Capture the attention of Gen Z techies with eye catching content, including quality images and clear resolution. 

• Engage your customers and viewers with Interactive content, like video or live stream. This keeps prospective buyers interested and involved with your page or site. 

• Tagging can call out related brands or businesses that could draw a larger following. It also is a good way to respond to customer questions or provide more info to a query. 

• Gen Z buyers don’t want to miss out- make sure to provide relevant and time sensitive content that will keep them coming back, again and again. 

• Social media is perfect for sharing your company’s mission, including beliefs and values where appropriate. Buyers like to know more about who and what their money is supporting. 

• Make sure to respond to viewers’ questions, queries, or concerns- and do it promptly. 

• Gen Z- and most other generations- can appreciate a sense of humor. In fact, the personal connection created by humor can foster loyal customers. 

• Gen Z take the word of social media Influencers for buying decisions and product choices. Depending on what you are offering, you may enlist a local personality, industry professional, or related business to endorse your brand. 

• Gen Z likes to save money. Make sure that you pique interest by offering discounts, coupons, and incentives to potential customers. 

• Perhaps most importantly for appealing to the Gen Z crowd is to provide a smooth, seamless technological experience. Bugs, delays, and lags are simply unacceptable; if made to wait, many will scroll past to your rival or competitor.  

Use these tips to appeal to a Generation Z market and improve your company’s bottom-line. Want more information about marketing to your desired demographic? Consult with the industry experts at Anchor Digital Marketing Group, today.