Don’t tell, but social media really isn’t as tricky as people make it out to be, especially Instagram.

Sure, you can go crazy trying to dive deep into analytics, create and follow all sorts of complex formulas, and seek out the ideal SEO combos of keywords and hashtags. Or you can do something simple that gets great results: create interesting content on a regular basis.

That is often the prime piece of advice many Instagram experts share. Produce interesting content people will enjoy and keep coming back for more.

OK, there’s more to building your brand than this, since people often may need a little nudging to find your site. There are other things a business can be doing on their Instagram accounts to draw in followers on a regular basis and establish themselves as a trusted brand.  

These include:

  • Engaging visitors. Photos and regular posts are great, but extra fun can be had by trying to hold discussions. Consider including questions in your posts or respond regularly to comments or questions.
  • Time your posts. You’re more liable to get more responses from your visitors and grow new followers if you post when more people are watching. Times vary by day, but often there are busier times in a mid-morning and early evening, during weekdays. Of course, times may vary based on your audience, so you might have to figure this out yourself by observing traffic during a typical week and also using the Insights program available through Instagram business accounts.
  • Stay consistent. Though it’s easy enough to post whenever you have something useful to say, this may not be the best strategy to figure out the ideal time to attract followers. If you start creating a routine, such as certain posts at certain times each day or week, the more loyal fans will look forward to updates. If you’re a no show, they’ll be disappointed. If you continue to perform they’ll further look forward to other updates.
  • Use hashtags. These extra tags will provide additional opportunities for discussion and interests.

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