We hear a lot about influencers, but not always in a good or flattering way. After all, it’s easy just to see the big revenue and the high numbers of followers and think it looks too easy, even if we didn’t see the regular churning out of fresh content and growing of fan base.

Sure, it’s not ditch-digging or any manual labor-heavy occupation. But it is something you should learn more about, whether you’d like to follow this path, or you are a business owner who wouldn’t mind some exposure from an influencer in your industry.

If you’re new to social media for your company, you’ve likely recognized that it’s tough to start from scratch. Though your co-workers and loyal fans will join right away, it can be a challenge to build your followers.

So it can help if you can get the attention of an influencer, who if he or she likes what you have to say or your product, service or overall brand fits their focus, they could potentially give you a huge boost.

Try these ideas to locate and get influencers aboard.

  • Look at your social media history. Are there certain people who always posting or commenting on your pages? This shows they have an interest and knowledge of your company and even an opinion. If you learn about them and visit their social media pages, they might be receptive to an offer to get ‘the inside scoop” and learn more about your organization. 
  • Be ready to pay. In some cases, you might see an organic shout-out if you have a positive connection with an influencer. Other influencers may prefer to charge for mentioning a particular brand, with the price increases based on how often it’s shared or how enthusiastic they should be. 
  • Provide samples. Besides alerting them to how great you are, you can get in their good graces by offering them something for free – that’s why a lot of them started their channels in the first place.  

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